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Unravel the fascinating truths of the introduction of Generative AI on consumer-brand relationships in the FMCG space.

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Consumers don't really care about AI, and we'll show you why. In the very first Catalyx whitepaper as part of our Innovatively Speaking series, we bring original research and expert insights to the spotlight.

With AI-generated stimuli from KitKat and Heinz, find out just how important it is for innovation to not only captivate industry insiders, but to authentically connect with hearts and minds of consumers.

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Catalyx is a Consumer-centric Innovation Consultancy. We help the world’s most forward-thinking consumer product companies unlock progress through more effective innovation

Our Consumer Understanding System combined with our proprietary Catalyx Elevation Process helps our clients maximise in-market, discover strategic choices for innovation and opportunity, optimise their brand creative assets and more - to make innovation success predictable.

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Discover the Catalyx Crowdsourced Behavioural Research System to navigate every aspect of your product development journey from start to finish.