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Our free insight-led report will help you to identify market potential, unmet demand and innovations for your next winning campaign.


Through our report 'Beyond the Surface: Unlocking Complex Consumers in Household Care', we aim to delve into the complexities of consumers in the Household Care market. Utilising insights from home scents, we have gathered valuable knowledge to identify market potential.

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We unlock three core problems and provide insights and solutions for innovation.

- Meeting distinct needs between different consumer groups within the category

- Unlocking innovation opportunities with need beyond category function

- Meeting changing needs for occasions/moments within consumer groups

This study will show you how to uncover unmet consumer needs, to unlock growth. 

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'Consumers are increasingly informed, opinionated and connected. Creating the need to understand their complexities and behaviour with a multi-dimensional opportunity approach. In this report we unlock a world of innovation possibilities for brands, addressing needs that go beyond conventional category functions...' - Catalyx Product Team

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Bitesize by Catalyx in an agile, cost-effective package. Two distinct approaches are designed to support iterative learning for innovation and ethnographic observation at scale.



Access the world of 30 consumers all in one go, anywhere in the world. Results in a week. 

Complement or replace your current way of accessing consumers’ homes, doing shopalongs and capturing product usage with our ability to capture real life video, image and verbatim from your consumers at crowdsourced scale.


Everything you need to iteratively build and optimise your next successful innovation.

Giving you so much more than a basic consumer test. Pick 'n mix from 7 flexible approaches with detailed outputs in under a week.

Catalyx is an award-winning strategic insights agency, fuelled by smart tech, powered by curious, sparky experts. Our Crowdsourced Behavioural Research System helps you navigate every complex aspect of your product development journey to unlock growth.

Our 10 modules across 3 vectors help our clients Maximise in-market, Discover strategic choices for innovation and opportunity, and Optimise their brand creative assets for growth outcomes.

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Bitesize research is an addition to the Catalyx Crowdsourced Behavioural Research System that helps you navigate every aspect of your product development journey to unlock growth.